Facebook Advertising

Do you want to increase traffic for your Books, Products, or Services? I can do low cost Traffic-Impressions Ads from my advertising account.

Books - Fiction & Non-Fiction. Decent covers only. Adult or raunchy covers will NOT be accepted.

Products & Services - Any Legal Products, Services, Business, Marketing Videos, etc.

What I will do.

Traffic ad - This will send more visitors to your Website.

Impressions - This means Facebook will deliver your ads to people as many times as possible.

Countries - Your choice of country and cities.

Ad Image - Clean and decent image with minimal text like in the gallery. No shocking, unacceptable, or images with high text will be approved by FB. Video 30 seconds or less with a clean thumbnail.

Landing Page - This is your Website or Amazon book link. Even here no shocking or unacceptable images, click bait text, or popups are permitted as they also check your page content.

Text - Just a few sentences for the ad. Avoid using the word YOU or asking questions as Facebook rejects such ads as click bait.

Note - I can only send traffic to your landing page but cannot guarantee any sales.

Budgetary Costs

One Week Package - US$100. This is a traffic ad for one weeks to your website.

Two Weeks Package - US$200. This is a traffic ad for two weeks to your website.

One Month Package - US$390. This is a traffic ad for one month to your website.

Custom duration ads are also possible.

Contact Me

Contact me on thejendra@yahoo.com or thejendrabs@gmail.com to start your Facebook Advertising.

Thejendra Sreenivas Youtube Channel

Note: Check your spam folder if you are awaiting a reply for your comments or queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook has more than a billion users with 70% to 80% of those checking their Facebook every day and multiple times a day. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. You can target to people by age, interests, behavior, location, and profile information to drive traffic to your website.

Will my Ad get approved by Facebook?

Maybe yes, maybe no is the honest answer. Facebook is very strict with its ad policies and rejects many ads. This is why I will test your ad before you can place the order. But as long as you ad image is clean, has minimal text on the image, and your ad description text does not use the word YOU or ask too many questions it will get approved. Have a quick read of Facebook policies here - https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/#

What do you mean by avoid using the word YOU?

It means don't ask questions like - Are you stressed? Are you in trouble? Do you want to make money? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get rich? Do you want a job? etc. Facebook does not permit these due to their ad policies.

Will you guarantee sales for my products or service?

No advertiser can guarantee sales for a customer's product or service. They can only create awareness in the market for it just like newspaper or TV ads.

What kind of images should I use?

I have put a few sample images below. Try to make your image like that for better approval chances. But if the image gets rejected by Facebook then you will need to create a new image.

Will you create an Ad image for me?

Yes, I can create a simple Ad image for you for an extra cost like the below examples.

Can you do Video ads?

Yes, but you will have to provide the video and one thumbnail image. Facebook recommends a video duration of 30 seconds or less. No adult or non-family viewable videos will be approved by FB strict policies. 

Image Samples on Approved Ads

sample facebook ad image

sample facebook ad image

sample facebook ad image

sample facebook ad image

A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself David Ogilvy