Author One Page Website

Authors, are you looking for an Affordable Online Presence but don't have a Website or want to manage one? I can provide a minimalist One Page Website for a one-time fee.

What's this One Page? - This is a website that has just one HTML page exclusively designed for Authors with Text, Images, Audio, and Video for your book. One-page websites provide a fast and clear reading experience without bombarding the reader with too much content. All your content sits in a mobile-friendly vertical scrolling uncluttered layout without the need to click multiple pages as shown in sample below.

Sample One Page Website

Note - This sample page is for ONE book. For multiple books see FAQs.
Hosting Location - On Author-World or your own Website if you buy one (Bluehost/Hostinger recommended).
Important Note - This is a static HTML site and NOT a WordPress/Weebly responsive theme and cannot be converted to those later.
Blog - Through Your Wattpad or Medium Account.
Newsletter - Through Your Mailchimp Account (Details inside Sample above).
Please read FAQs below before placing the order.
Note - If your book is currently only on Amazon I can also help to publish on all Non-Amazon sites at an extra cost.

Budgetary Costs

Indian Authors - Rs 3000/-

International Authors - US$75

Contact Me

Contact me on or to get your One-Page Website.

Thejendra Sreenivas Youtube Channel

Note: Check your spam folder if you are awaiting a reply for your comments or queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Note
I reserve the right to reserves the right to refuse displaying any book that it deems inappropriate, or potentially offensive to general readers and viewers. We do not advertise books that promote or glamorize Pornography, Hate, Racism, Child abuse, Religious Intolerance, Illegal drugs, etc.

Why is the page hosted on Author World site?
The reason is due to costs of having your own domain. Owning a domain involves monthly costs of US$3 to US$5. Till such time you decide to have your own website a one page site will provide you online visibility.

Will you give me my own Domain or Website?
No, I can't give you a domain as it involves recurring annual costs. If you want your own website please buy a Domain Name (your website name) with Hosting Plan (Internet Disk Space) from companies like Bluehost or Hostinger. A basic no-frills website is sufficient.

How can I get my own Domain Name & Web Hosting Space? How much will it cost?
Think of a cool Website Name, Go to or, Check that Name Availability, and Buy a BASIC Web Hosting plan. It's like buying a subscription online and costs $3 to $5 monthly. You will get a dashboard login and password to upload files via ftp. If you give me that login I can upload your website to your domain.

Do you do Wordpress or other sites?
No. For authors who need a simple easy website a Wordpress site is complicated as you need to choose a theme from 100s of jazzy choices, learn their unique settings, limitations, etc. Also text/image positions of themes are fixed by their developers. We can't change it the way we want to add more Images/Tables/Pages, etc.

How to update the website with more Text or Images later?
If there are minor updates please contact me and I will update free. Major updates will be at extra cost. Or if you know how to use a HTML editor and upload the updated files to your OWN domain you can even do that. But if your site is sitting on my Author World then only I can update.

What if I have multiple books? How will it fit on your one page?
If you have multiple books then I can create a separate page to list all those books. This can be done at extra cost.

Will the web page have a Blog and Newsletter Subscription?
Not by default. For a Blog you need to register on Wattpad and Medium with YOUR email account. For Newsletter you need to open YOUR account on Mailchimp, Create an Audience, and Get your Signup Form URL. Then I can add a Subscribe button to this website

Can I have Audio and Video on my Page?
Yes, you can have One MP3 for About the Author, One Video on YouTube if you have your own channel, and Two Images. This is in addition to your Author Photo and Book Cover.

My book is currently only on Amazon. How to publish on Apple/Kobo/B&N/Google, etc?
If you have your manuscript in MS-Word and the Cover Image that you used for Kindle, then I can create the necessary Interior files and guide you to publish on all Non-Amazon sites.

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