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Author, Dawn Beaumont Lane lives in Ontario Canada with her husband John. Originally from England, Dawn continues to write childrenís stories and is working on her first historical fiction novel

ISBN 978-1-906806-56-9
Publisher RealTime Publishing
Genre Children
Price $10.95
Number of Pages 84 pages
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Fairy Glade & Other Enchanting Tales is a delightful collection of childrenís stories to share with the children in your life. Vivid descriptions, colourful characters and a lesson in each story, it will captivate them for hours. Visit the Fairy Glade where fairies, pixies and elves dance and sing. Travel the rails with Tilly and Teddy and learn about getting along, with Arty and Sammi.

Review by Dan Whitman, Reviewer, Allbooks Reviews
Fairies, elves, and pixies flitter through this chapter book bringing delight to children of all ages. A collection of stories written by a great story- teller, this book is one that will thrill and entertain your children and grandchildren.

Meet Arty, the frog and Sammi, the lizard as they find many things in common. Although they look different, they soon learn that they are really the same under their skin. A great message for children in todayís world? You bet!

Tilly and Teddy chug along in Teddy Bear Junction, overcoming their challenges and saving the day. Dusty, the Dove, learns that he canít run from his troubles. Even as an adult, I could identify with poor Dusty, whose father has gone away. Very well presented, subtle but positive significance between the lines.

Dawn Beaumont Lane has done an excellent job of entertaining while teaching. The book contains some great stories, written in simple easy to read vocabulary. Each tale contains a valuable lesson, nicely hidden in the plot. Nothing preachy here, just fun. The book is a chapter book and therefore does not contain illustrations. The cover is colorful and will attract the buyer.

Born in England, author Dawn Beaumont Lane suffered with Dyslexia as a child. She has overcome her fears and with the help of a good editor, is now living her dream of becoming an author. Ms. Beaumont-Lane encourages children and adults alike to learn to overcome this challenge. Readers will find footnotes in the book after some of the stories, explaining how she wrote them for her daughter as Christmas gifts, when life was difficult. Life has improved greatly for this deserving author. She now lives in Canada with her husband, John.

I will share this book with my nieces and nephews and I definitely recommend it, not only to parents and grandparents but to teachers as well.

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