History of Jews and Israel

4000 years of history condensed into 76 pages


Saul Silas Fathi

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Mr. Fathi was born to a prominent Jewish family in Baghdad, Iraq,on May 8, 1938. At age 10 he escaped from Baghdad through Iran and eventually reached the state of Israel. There he lived from 1948 to 1958, first in Kibbutz Ma'Anit, then in Rehovoth, Israel. He enrolled at the Israel Airforce Academy of Aeronautics, a 4-year program, where he earned his high-school diploma and learned a profession. He began writing a diary at age 11.

In 1958 he left Israel and worked his way to Brazil, were he lived for two years and worked as electrician. Within six months Mr. Fathi had his own multi-employee business. In 1960 he came to the US on a student exchange visa to Columbia University. In the evenings, he attended the New School of Social Studies for American history and public speaking and studied sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. After 8 months in New York, that same year, Mr. Fathi volunteered to serve in the US Army for three years; having been promised a college education and US citizenship at the conclusion of his duties. After Basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia, he was sent to helicopter school at Fort Bragg, NC and had enrolled at the University Of Virginia.

Within a few months Mr. Fathi received orders to report to Oakland ,CA; he was en route to service in the Far-East, specifically in South Korea. There he remained for a period of 16 months as chief electrical technician with the 1st Cavalry Division, 15th Aviation Company. The Division was later ordered to Vietnam; (eventually sustaining nearly 80% casualty levels); he was sent back to the US. Mr. Fathi studied for his exams at the University Of Virginia, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree for electrical engineering. There followed an impressive career with several major companies, including three fortune-500's as high-level executive in high-tech enterprises. Later he founded and managed three high-tech companies over a 20-year period, with moderate success, one of which was acquired by a publicly-traded company. Mr. Fathi retired in 2003 and began writing his autobiography following his mother's accidental death in Israel.

Mr. Fathi lives in Long Island, New York, with his wife Rachelle. He has three US-born daughters, Suzanne, Sandra and Sharon, and one granddaughter, Danielle.

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