God Does Have a Sense of Humor


Rob Ballister

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The oldest of three children, Rob Ballister was born and raised in New Jersey, and began writing in 1988 while still in high school. In 1994, he graduated the US Naval Academy, and has traveled extensively with the Navy. Now thirty four years old, he is still on active duty as a Lieutenant Commander, and is serving in the San Diego area where he lives with his bride Ivy. He is active with cancer support groups and youth sports organizations. This is his first book.

ISBN 978-0-595-36343-8
Publisher iUniverse
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Genre Fiction
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Rob Ballister can find humor anywhere. Whether itís in the operating room, in the classroom, in a relationship, or in Spain, his unique style takes you on a journey through the significant events that shaped his life. Through a never-ending struggle to understand his family, women, and Godís sense of humor, he stands defiantly with nothing more than a smile and his teddy bear Oscar. Follow him as he joins the Navy, sees the world, beats cancer, and gets beaten up. Ride with him as he learns to drive, learns the truth about Santa Claus, and learns where babies come from. Itís a wild ride filled with laughter, friendship, a bit of heartbreak, and a lot of love. You will laugh, you may cry, but one thing is certain. You wonít forget it.

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Author Contact Information Rob Ballister, 6236 Caminito Juanico, San Diego, CA 92111 rballister@san.rr.com


Review by William H McDonald I started off reading "God Does have a sense Of Humor" not expecting too much more than perhaps a nice gentle little book that might make me smile on occasion. I ended up finding myself laughing out loud and almost wetting my pants! Author Rob Ballister, a Naval Academy graduate and current Naval Officer in San Diego, really has a wonderful sense of what is funny even when he is battling life threatening health issues like testicle cancer. I figured if anyone could make fun of that life situation then the rest of his book would be hilariously funny in the male "Erma Bombeck" sort of way. And his book is really all about make energy and humor that women will enjoy just as much.

The book is filled with dozens of short stories; some of which are based on true experiences while some are totally fictional creations of the wild imagination of the author. The key is that I could not tell which were what, when reading them--they all felt like real experiences because of the warm and skillful writing skills of Ballister. His subject matter goes from "Sex Education as Taught by Nuns" to "Christmas in Gingerbread Hell". He deals with the simple things in life that men deal with like laundry protocols (separating colors) and blind date disasters. He handles all of these men's issues like a profession male and makes his gender proud!

There are so many just great moments in his stories. I think most all of us guys can relate to his comments on shopping differences between men and women and the experience of buying something at "Victoria's Secret". This book is full of little pearls of wisdom and humorous gems. The book entertains while filling the reader's heart with a smile. That is saying a lot in these stressful times of terrorists, wars and random street crimes; it is nice to have something that allows the readers to escape, relax, smile and maybe even laugh out loud. This is one of those special books that are a true gift for your soul!

The MWSA gives this book its highest rating of FIVE STARS! The book would be a great gift to all the men in your life--be them fathers, brothers, husbands, significant others, or just male friends. You will find however, that women will be laughing just as hard but at our male traits and behaviors when they read his stories. It is a delightful reading experience and one that is pure entertainment!

Review by Bernard W Joseph In about 75 short episodes, Ballister, a career Naval officer, demonstrates that he has a real knack for setting down the way that guys think. This is definitely a guy book first, but the humorous manner in which Ballister describes his life situation will make women laugh. In fact, I think that some might read it a second time to savor a funny guy writing about a funny life.
Review by B.Kimble I am a 54 year old bag that Mother Nature & Father Time have not been kind to; I live in a rented (over priced)Jerry Springer type mobile home, in a ritzy neighborhood (figure that out), I look like a cross between the Pilsbury dough boy's sister and Popeye's mother( due to Graves' disease) , and everything & practically everyone gets on my last good nerve! I just happen to work for the worlds' best boss. This young man, just happens to have written "God Does Have a Sense of Humor". For someone who is the same age as my own son, he has dealt with some heavy blows at an early age (health issues). Reading this witty, heart warming book shoved my "woe wiz me's" right into the back burners of my shadows; I hardly think about what it is about myself that I don't like any more.... Rob Ballister taught me to look at my flaws as a challenge, instead of a hindrance....(not to say that he himself had flaws). And whenever I feel a bit "blue" I just pick up this wonderful book, and read my blues away....I whole-heartedly invite America to buy two copies, one for your personal library & one for a gift! It is that good!!
Review by Walt This is a great look at everyday life as it should be - with a little bit of humor. It provides a good laugh just when you're taking yourself too seriously.
Review by IntegrityLee With each story, the author proves that every circumstance in life, even serious health challenges, can be viewed with a sense of humor. His brand of comedy is energizing and healing. Bought for me, and then my sister, who is fighting cancer. Perhaps instead of "Laughter is the best medicine" they'll soon say that "Ballister is..."
Review by nightshift Great Book! Personal experiences always seem funnier than scripted ones. Well written, flows well and is an easy read. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that someone would read it more than once, it seems more funny each time. I'm sure many people can identify with one or more of his stories! I actually feel as though I know some of his characters as he writes clearly and gives his characters such depth. More of us should follow Rob's footsteps and get in touch with our feelings, writing is such an excellent tool.