Prayers that Get Through to God

Author: Rev. George A. Pryor

Language: English

ISBN:  978-1642680577

Genre: Religion

Pages: 108 pages

Publisher: Novum Publishing

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Price: $24.99 (paperback)

Book Description

The book looks at all types of biblical praying and itís result. A section on why prayers are not answered is also covered. A bonus chapter on biblical peace is also included. 

This Prayer writing is the result of my love for prayer and the responses that have been received from it by me and others, and my thankfulness for this Great resource for help when it is needed. God wants His children to come to Him when we need Him.

Author Info

Retired and partially disabled . Ordained Reverend for over 40 years, and served churches as usher, youth leader, Adult Bible teacher, family counselor and senior pastor. Earned AA Degree from American River College in Sacramento, CA Th.B. & Th. M. Degrees from American Bible College in Pineland , FL . Over 60 articles published on the Internet. Most of them can be seen at this link.

Married to Dorthy for 55 years. We have Two children, two grandchildren and one great grandson.


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