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Born and raised in San Francisco, Tony Lazzarini now resides in Marin County, California. His musical Christmas play, Tale of the Toy Soldier, won him a national play writing contest and has enjoyed eight years of productions. His first book, Never Trust A Man In Curlers, received a 1998 “Best Book of the Year” award from the North American Bookdealers Exchange based in Cottage Grove, Oregon. When not writing, Tony can be found working on one of his several collector cars or riding his motorcycle with his wife Arlene. He has held competition racing licenses with S.C.C.A and I.M.S.A. and currently races in the Vintage Road Racing series with his 1968 “A” Production AMX. In 2003, Highest Traditions received awards for Best Military Non-fiction and Best Memoir.

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Number of Pages170 Pages
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SynopsisFrom emergency resupply missions to heroic medevac extraction’s and deadly combat assaults, Lazzarini participated in over 250 missions as a helicopter door gunner during the Vietnam War. This is an educational as well as harrowing account of how helicopter operations were flown and why. Discover the “A” Company “Little Bears”, one of the most decorated helicopter units of the Vietnam War.
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Highest Traditions is the story of the 25th Aviation Battalion in Vietnam, more specifically the journey begun by the author in 1965. Trained as a helicopter mechanic, Lazzarini was stationed in Hawaii until he arrived in Vietnam in the spring of 1966. Told in fiction style first person narrative, the author’s memories, the horrors of war and occasional moments of humor are nevertheless harrowing real. The reader is given a front row seat to view one of the most misunderstood eras of American history. So hang tight and join the author aboard a Huey and share the emotional upheavals the author experienced as he flew over Cambodian rice paddies, and find out, as the author did, about a strange substance called Agent Orange. Some lighter moments break up this somber narrative. Written in such an engaging style the reader will be hard pressed not to finish the book in one sitting. Excellent balance of descriptive prose and journal-like reminiscences makes Highest Traditions a rare treat for any reader interested in military or combat history.

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“The Huey was a constant part of the sky as the sun and stars. The popping sound made by the rotor blades announced its arrival and departure. It was a supply ship, a Medevac ship, a transport ship, a weapon to fear and many times heroically denied the Grim Reaper his take.” Highest Traditions is one of the best Vietnam memoirs ever to cross my desk. It is devoid of bull, apology or pretension and simply a well-written & gripping collection of memories. Very well done! A must for military readers.

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Set during the time frame just prior to the Tet Offensive. Tony Lazzarini succeeds in communicating his experience in Vietnam as an UH-1D (Huey) door gunner. He does an outstanding job describing, from one man's tactical perspective, the emerging doctrine of air assault. Highest Traditions also gives you a perspective of the social and emotional impact of the war on Tony and his fellow soldiers. I enjoyed reading this book. Once I picked it up, it was hard to put down. Organized into many very short chapters making it easy to read. Highly recommended for those of you that have an interest in Air Assault or helicopter operations during the Vietnam War. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

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