What Can We Do Next?


Toula Magi

About the Author Toula Magi was an Administrative Assistant at an advertising/promotion company for almost 16 years, but decided to leave her job after her daughter, Lexie, was born to stay at home with her. To bring in some extra money while she was home with her daughter, Toula started her own online business, www.LilSunshineGifts.com , offering Invitations, Announcements, Event Favors, Personalized Gifts and more. Toula says it was watching her daughter, Lexie, play and use her imagination that inspired her to write her first children's book, What Can We Do Next? The Adventures of Lexie and Lolly. Toula and her family reside in Trumbull, Connecticut, where she is currently working on her next children's book.
ISBN 978-1-4327-1533-5
Publisher Outskirts Press


Book Info “What Can We Do Next?” is a story about, Lexie, a little girl who’s upset that it’s raining outside and she can’t play on her swing set. So, she decides to create an imaginary friend and together they go on all kinds of adventures, even though they’re stuck indoors. They go on a hot-air balloon ride, a picnic, as astronauts they take a trip to the moon, and as pirates, they look for buried treasure. Children today get bored very easily when it’s raining, or when they don’t have someplace to go. Without outdoor items such as swing sets, skateboards and bikes, or indoor items such as TVs, Computers and Video Games, they don’t know what to do with themselves. This book teaches children that there are no boundaries or limitations as to what they can do, if they use their imaginations. Colors, numbers and letters have also been incorporated in the story, which is perfect for toddlers and preschool children to point out as the story is being read to them. But it also has enough excitement for kindergarten-aged children and beyond to enjoy.
Genre Children
Price $12.95
Number of Pages 40
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Review by Margaret Orford, Allbooks Reviews This book is very nicely illustrated. It should help teach children that you can do anything as long as you put your mind (and your imagination) to the task, and that they do not need to rely on outdoor games, TV or computer entertainment. This book teaches a good lesson to children, and takes the children on many adventures. This book is highly recommended.
Review by Bettie Corbin Tucker, For Independent Professional Book Reviewers -  www.bookreviewers.org Children, just like most writers, have great imaginations that can take them anywhere, create characters, and provide solutions to those “rainy days.” Lexie and her friend Lolly have a wonderful fun-filled day, asking one another what they can do next. The answer takes them on a hot-air balloon ride and other adventures that are fun and exciting. When Lexie goes to bed that night, she thanks Lolly for showing her that a rainy day doesn’t mean she can’t have fun.

This delightful book is filled with colorful illustrations and age-appropriate conversations that will captivate the minds of children. The author says that her own daughter was the inspiration behind the idea as she watched her use her imagination while at play. I think most parents can appreciate and relate to this. I suggest that the next time your children have a rainy day that they sit down and browse through the pages of What Can We Do Next? I have no doubt that the pages will stimulate their imaginations and chase away the boredom. There is a lesson presented in this book that, if learned, involves temporarily putting aside the man-made toys and gadgets that try to stifle the wondrous creativity of the minds of our children. The imagination is a treasure that must be nurtured. This is a “must purchase” book for all parents and caregivers of young children.

Review by Kaye Trout Quoting from the back cover: "On a rainy day, with nothing to do, Lexie uses her imagination to create an imaginary friend to play with. She names her new friend Lolly, because his colorful appearance reminds her of lollipop flavors. Lolly shows Lexie that by using their imagination, they can go on all sorts of adventures, even though they can’t play outside. What Can We Do Next? Is a delightful new children’s book that shows kids that they can use their imagination to conjure up their own fun, any time, any place. When you use your imagination, there is no limit to what can be done!"

This is a simple, easy-to-read story about how children can use their imagination, rain or shine, to entertain themselves–not a bad idea...an imaginary best friend. The illustrations are fun, well done and colorful.

Toula Magi’s inspiration to write her first children’s book came while watching her daughter at play. Now, that inspiration has manifested itself into a delightful little book...one I’m certain young children will enjoy again and again.

Author Contact Information Toula Magi, P.O. Box 110466, Trumbull, CT 06611 - t.magi@yahoo.com  - 203-445-0682