• Author: Rebecca Bishop

  • Language: English

  • ISBN:  1492204110

  • Genre: Children

  • Pages: 26

  • Publisher: Amazon Createspace

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  • Price: $10.00


Book Description

Today is Amaya's first day at daycare. She is an adorable little character who will make new friends, play games, and learn new things. You will enjoy her spirited journey from the classroom to the playground.

Author Contact

Amaya’s First Day was written to encourage and nurture children to read, and to have children feel at ease about meeting new friends and learning new things.

Rebecca Bishop graduated as a Fine Arts major and used this opportunity to eagerly use her artistic talents to illustrate the book. Rebecca is also an associate member of the Baltimore Water Color Society, and enjoys drawing still lifes and painting watercolors. Rebecca resides in Baltimore, MD. You can contact the author at or visit her website at

Other Details

Imagine being in the car with 2 year old Amaya and her aunt as they pull up to Amaya’s daycare center on her first day of school. Amaya is so excited! She has a gigantic smile on her face that is lit up as she watches out of the car window.Amaya spots the first child and then she sees others, lots of others. Oddly enough, Amaya knows a thing or too. She knows that she can make friends easily, she is not afraid or shy, and that there will be many new friends in daycare because she had already asked her mother a million and one questions. And another thing Amaya knows is that where there are other children, there is opportunity for fun!

She anxiously eyes the playground and sees swings, sliding boards, and a see-saw. She loves the outdoors and can’t wait for the opportunity to run, skip, and jump.

Amaya is an unforgettable character who will grow on your heart. You will enjoy her spirited journey on her first day of school, see her meet her friends and watch how the children interact with one another.

When grown-ups read Amaya’s First Day along with their children, they too will remember their early school days. Amaya is a delightfully whimsical character that you will fall in love with. You will be glad that you introduced her to your own children. Rebecca Bishop is the author behind the amazing children’s picture book, Amaya’s First Day. She found her inspiration for Amaya when taking her great niece, Amaya, to and from daycare. Amaya was such an exceptional child, outspoken, truthful, and carefree, that Rebecca couldn’t resist documenting some of their whimsical and funny conversations. The end result was Rebecca’s first published book.