The Path to Corporate Nirvana


Judith Anderson

About the Author

Judith Anderson founded her consulting practice, A&R Consulting, in 1991. Working at the senior level with some of the largest corporations in the country, she and her organization bring unique strengths to the task of helping companies accelerate progress toward business imperative goals.

With core competencies in setting goals, change facilitation, and creative problem-solving, Judith Anderson has been able to consistently and effectively tackle complex business problems in management, marketing, strategic planning, and the supply chain. Her strengths in areas of traditional management focus, coupled with her cutting-edge innovations in facilitating sustained behavioral change, make Ms. Anderson a leading resource for today’s business environment.

Prior to founding Anderson & Rust, Ms. Anderson served as Director of Marketing for Ryder System in Miami. During the mid-1970’s, she worked with Mercer Management Consultants in Boston. She also served as Director of Corporate Planning for Union Pacific Corporation in New York City.

Ms. Anderson has held positions with several industry advisory groups, including a three-year research project at Michigan State University on global best practices, and was a member of the Executive Committee for the Council of Logistics Management.

Ms. Anderson received a Master of Science degree in Economics from North Carolina State University in 1977 and her undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Houston. She also earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 1999.

Judith Anderson resides in Allendale, New Jersey, with her husband and two children.

Corporate Nirvana has been published in: China, Korea, Russia and India. She speaks widely on the subject of how to accelerate toward goals with less ‘trauma and drama’, and greater grace and ease. She has been interviewed by the Washington Post, ABC News, and Business Talk Radio, among others; Judith Anderson’s ideas will also be featured in a forthcoming edition of Forbes Magazine.

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Genre Business, Spirit at work, Accelerating Productivity
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In Corporate Nirvana Judith Anderson heralds the dawn of the Relationship Age, which will have even more impact on the way we work than the Information Age has had. Using real-life, humorous workplace narratives, the book offers radically different, pragmatic strategies for increasing workplace productivity by dealing effectively with office politics and a host of other challenges that lower enthusiasm and creativity. Anderson demonstrates how to move past these barriers to accelerate progress toward achieving imperative business goals. In, The Path to Corporate Nirvana, Judith Anderson articulates how to address negative behaviors through the use of Transformational Leadership skills. These skills enable executives to effectively handle challenging situations like resistance, backstabbing, badmouthing, and ‘banging heads’, turning former adversaries and resistant naysayers into collaborative supporters.

Review by Fred Hassan Chairman & CEO Schering-Plough Corporation Kenilworth, NJ

Judith Anderson has provided an easy-to-read distillation of a remarkable variety of hard-learned lessons as a consultant. She describes a life-long path of learning, while coping with a variety of real and challenging situations. "The Path to Corporate Nirvana" is a useful read for both new team members and experienced executives who sense that there should be a better way to get things done. Whether dealing with an individual's blind spots or unrecognized emotional issues that prevent problem solving, she provides remarkable insights to empower any individual to make things better.

Review by Frederick Frank Vice Chairman Lehman Brothers New York, NY

Each reader will identify with one or more experiences analyzed by Judith Anderson in “The Path to Corporate Nirvana”. They will also gain perspective on how to address future situations more constructively as a consequence of the author's poignant insight. Indeed, this work is, as promised, 'an enlightened approach to accelerated productivity.

Review by Henry Berry The Small Press Book Review Southport, CT

Anderson hones in on and stays focused on the reality of the workplace neglected or left as a vague assumption in most business books -- namely, a corporate workplace is a human community, and as such, human nature and behavior significantly affect it. This is obviously in contrast to business books' discussion of management mainly in terms of organization, methodology, or at times practically clinical remedies. Anderson considers both sides of the equation -- executives and managers as well as regular employees -- in her treatment of problematic working conditions and relationships adversely affecting productivity. Her treatments combine the comprehensions of an intuitive and highly experienced psychologist with a clear understanding of the dynamics of the workplace and the purposes of business.

Anderson offers valuable guidance for employees at any level. "The Path to Corporate Nirvana" can be used by any employee individually to help resolve difficulties he/she has in the workplace or by managers and executives to understand and deal productively with problems holding back their corporation. Click here to read the entire review.

Review by Dr. Thomas Kehl Aventis Germany.

There is a growing trend in management literature to focus on the learning organization. Judith Anderson enriches the discussion with examples from her own experience. It is difficult to redefine workplace challenges as opportunities for learning. Her specific examples aren’t purely stories of success – they are stories of loss too. The examples offer the reader opportunities to transfer theory into practice, while at the same time acknowledging what Leo Tolstoy did - that writing 10 books about philosophy is easier than living one principle of philosophy.

Amazon Reviewer: Kristen Lenson

When I was first introduced to this book,I was put off by the title. The phrase "Corporate Nirvana" felt like an oxymoron and arose immediate cynicism in me. I thought, "Great, another step-by-step management book that tells me if I just do "A, B, and C" then "D, E,and F" will happen; and if "D, E, and F" don't happen, then obviously I have done "A, B, and C" wrong. Yet, because the person who gave me the book was someone I highly respected and trusted, I felt I needed to give the book a try. By the end of the first chapter, my cyncism quickly gave way to curiosity, appreciation, and hope. Rather than "telling" me anything, Ms. Anderson shares her personal stories about nurturing and growing her Self in order to better nurture and grow others in the workplace. Her stories peeked my curiosity as I could see myself in similar situations. Was this what I was experiencing? Was this what others around me were experiencing? Are these the feelings that were driving the behaviors I or others exhibited? Was this how I was blocking my own and others success? I began to question "What place am I operating from? Who am I truly trying to serve? And why?"

I appreciated Ms. Anderson's willingness to make herself vulnerable to readers and to talk frankly about her fears--to describe them in detail--what they looked, sounded, and felt like, and the processes she used and continues to use to address them. Her descriptions and processes helped me to take action and start on my own journey of examining and addressing my fears and taking a frank look at how I enhance and hinder my own and others effectiveness in the workplace.

Ms. Anderson's book also gave me new found hope which continues to grow daily. Through her stories, I found new learning and new ways of being, which as I put into action, are getting different results--for both myself and my clients--moving all of us to greater success in the workplace--greater productivity, effectiveness, and self-satisfaction in the workplace. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in serving their clients better, producing greater results for their organization, developing a high-performance workforce, and bringing personal joy into the workplace and the work that one does.

Amazon Reviewer: Shepjojo

Corporate Nirvana was fascinating! My husband and I met at work in a corporate setting. After our children were born I left the corporate world. At first, I was attracted to Corporate Nirvana for what it might offer my husband in his corporate job. The more I read, the more the message hit home. I suspect that most marriages and basically all recurring interpersonal relationships face these same issues Ms. Anderson addresses in Corporate Nirvana. When I left the corporate world I thought I could say good-bye to "PNVs (Popping Neck Veins)," but strong emotions don't just abide in the workplace. Now that I was not bringing home the paycheck I once had, I felt compelled to justify my existence (or, in Ms. Anderson's words, p. 125, "feel...worthy of recognition") in other ways. Whether it's working with a spouse or the significant others in your daily life to manage house repairs, engineer remodeling projects, finesse finances, delegate household chores or hire help, navigate social situations, bring up children, deal with school administrators, or run errands--there are endless opportunities in life for aggravation; and so there are also endless opportunities to be "AAA," "able to appreciate the usefulness of aggravation."

Corporate Nirvana showed me that by letting go of negative self judgments, I could put my ego in check, come from a place of wanting to be of service to others in my life, and develop the intuition to experience creative learning from the Spirit (all of which most recently led to this letter). Until Ms.Anderson's book I didn't have the paradigm to apply these principles consistently. Now with Corporate Nirvana, my sense of worth can be "attained independent of particular events, how projects turn out, or what results are accomplished." Thanks for the script!

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