Destiny of the Wolf

  • Author: Theresa Grant

  • Language: English

  • ISBN:  1456491768

  • Genre: Paranormal

  • Pages: 148 pages

  • Publisher: Createspace

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  • Price: $16.00 (paperback) & $8.99 (ebook)


Book Description

What if you inherited genes that would change you into something hideous? You've been normal since birth and you've dreamed of doing everything humans do; marry the man you love and raise a family. Then one moonlit night, the moon shines its light on you and a vicious storm rips through your brain causing the biggest headache you've ever experienced. Your heart raced hard and fast, the bones in your spine twisted and cracked, and your arms and legs crunched as they lengthened. You scream and scream and scream again until your scream becomes a howl.

Author Info

Theresa Grant is the author of seven books, including "A Faithful Choice." Her books illuminate the themes of faith, hope, women's relationships, marriage, raising children, furthering careers and learning how to survive in a male-dominated world. She and her husband live in Rockville, Maryland. She welcomes readers to visit her at


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