Appointment With Death



David Dundas

About the Author

David Dundas was born and raised in London England, coming from a long blood line of Law Enforcement and Military Family. David joined the United States Army and is still serving. A decorated Military veteran as well as Police Officer David continues his duel careers and constantly writes poetry as well as other works of fiction.

ISBN 0595456944
Publisher iUniverse
Website NA
Genre Fiction
Price US$8.95.
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64 pages

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Synopsis Please don't kill me! Please don't kill me!

His victims will plead for their lives. His victims are mostly unassuming, everyday people, yet he is not picky. He will dabble in killing prostitutes, cops and whoever dares to cross him. Silas is a man filled with pure unremorseful revenge. The police seem baffled at the killings "this sort of thing just don't happen here."

If not here, where? The killer tends to play Cat and Mouse with the authorities daring them to find him. No one is safe, a town will be turn up side down. The frenzy of this killer will grow with every victim. His time to shine is now!

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