Lean on Me - Cancer through a Carer's Eyes  

Lorraine Kember

About the Author

Lorraine is a published Author and Poet as well as a Public Speaker. Since writing her book ďLean on MeĒ Cancer through a Carerís Eyes Ė a true story of how she cared for her dying husband, she is frequently invited to speak to groups of Palliative Care; Silver Chain and Nursing Staff members and volunteers, as well as the general public, about the importance of Pain Management and Symptom control to quality of life and caring for terminally ill loved ones at home.

Lorraine also speaks to Carerís and Grief Support Groups. Sharing her emotional journey with her audience, she talks about: Anticipatory grief associated with terminal diagnosis, Coping with grief after loss and finding the strength to move on with your life.

ISBN 0-646-49969-6
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Genre Health Ė Cancer- Caring
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A powerfully moving and inspirational true story of a courageous manís battle with cancer and his wifeís emotional journey as she cares for him.  Interspersed with diary excerpts and poems she penned along the way, this very personal account depicts the depth of their love for each other, the helplessness she experienced upon his diagnosis and her growing strength as she come to realize that there is much she can do to improve the quality of his life. Understanding pain, pain management and symptom control is detailed throughout as well as an insight into chemotherapy, palliative care and dying at home. A must read for anyone who is caring for someone with cancer.

Review by Dr Andrew Dean MB.Ch.B MRCP (UK).FRACP Consultant Physician in Palliative Care Perth Western Australia

I believe that this book is truly unique. It combines a thorough, warm, insightful and intelligent description of a very personal journey. After getting to know Brian and Lorraine in a warm introduction to them both, the book takes you through the devastating diagnosis and all of the treatments and problems that they then faced. Lorraineís writing style actually involves you in the book, as though you have known them for years and you feel the same highs and lows that they do. It truly takes you on their journey. The way that Brian and Lorraine approach the illness and its treatment really provides hope for all who read this book .I have not read another book written by a lay person which so captures the essence of the battle against cancer, which also displays such a thorough understanding of the disease and its complexities. I believe that this is a truly amazing book that everybody with cancer should read. Any families who have been touched by this disease will undoubtedly find in it inspiration and hope.

Review by Roger Woodruff Director of Palliative Care (April 2004)

This is one womanís very moving story of caring for her husband for two years while he battled mesothelioma. The emotional insights she shares with her diary would be a great comfort to anyone caring for someone with advanced cancer or any other terminal illness. Her focus on his quality of life as she educates herself about the medical aspects of his care is quite remarkable, and would be inspirational to others in a similar situation and would empower them with realistic hope.

Review by Janet Craven, RN Palliative Care Nurse Silver Chain Hospice Care Services

It takes courage to truly travel on the road with a loved one facing a terminal illness. Lorraine takes us with her on that journey through the entries in her diary, capturing so graphically, the roller-coaster of emotions experienced my many carerís supporting their loved ones through this most difficult time. To others on a similar journey (or who have already competed theirs), Iím sure this book will bring comfort from the practical advice Lorraine offers from her own experience, and relief to know that someone else shares their needs and feelings without guilt. Likewise, professional carerís involved in Palliative Care will gain useful insight into the depth of despair that carerís experience, but are unable to articulate to others as Lorraine does so well through her diary and expresses in her poems.

Sample Chapters or Preview and Other details Visit her wonderful and touching website on http://www.cancerthroughacarerseyes.jkwh.com
Author Contact Information L.Kember Publications. P.O. Box 70 Beechboro Western Australia 6063

Email: lorakeet@iinet.net.au