The Pink Forest


Dana Dorfman

About the Author Dana Dorfman sheds continuous light through The Pink Forest… As her blushes rise to the surface her open frankness begins. I am in a power that I don’t fully understand. The Pink Forest relays a time in my life when I first connected with the Extraordinary; it was when I first discovered I carry the Earth’s shadow. She interweaves her fingers. The writing is real as are the intimate confessions. Dorfman is an insight weaver and focuses on after-the-fact realization. Offering alternative explanations for things that happen, Dorfman brings enlightened thinking into everyday thought. Putting her forefinger under her chin she peers into life. “What is real? Everything!

Although Dorfman grants interviews and photographs she believes she will some day spirit away without a birth date, last name or social security number. Dorfman’s wisdom is pulled from the backpack of life. Read about Dorfman in The Lollipop Chronicle, The Here And There Gazette DanaDorfman.com and Insightweaver.com

When not writing Dorfman nudges her human side who has her stepping in gum, misplacing her keys, and losing her shoes in the sand.

More Info- About the author's thinking

I am an interactive writer whose transcendent writing moves you beyond original meaning. The enhancing experience occurs when via readership you are personalized into the empowering moment and, it is through the real-world affects of this moment that you no longer are a reader but have assumed the being of an “experiencer.” Navigating through recognition, I engage my readers into the experience of my pages through finished bowls of cereal, half eaten pieces of toast, a change of clothes, unrolled cab fares, turn signals and through the fascination of a kiss. Does pulling out your reflection in this self-awareness make me magical? Maybe! Or does this self-reflection bring forth the magic of your unlimited possibilities?

I step between your thoughts and interact with your moments. The water really is turquoise in my writing and you can feel the temperature of the air in my pages. Channeled to you in the first person, my transcendent writing is accompanied with an explosion of interpretation that will re-define you as a person and fill you with valid conclusions. Transcendent moments make you strong. Through these extraordinary moments you will peek into your strength, greet your attitudes, learn about your preferences and nod at your distinctive qualities. Transcendent moments can be charming, well mannered, persuasive, amorous, casual and intriguing. A transcendent moment can draw the impossible, deliver chemistry, sweep you off your feet, sparkle your eyes and have you eavesdropping on something as simple as your smile.

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The Story Set in the backdrop of Oscar Season, a top Hollywood filmmaker’s assistant opts to leave the whirl of dress fittings and crooked bow ties to seek passion. Her unique quest paints a silken figure who wants to bring life to her lips. Throwing her bag full of morals over her shoulder she steps out of her 9-5 self and endeavors to breathe away the obstacles lining her path. But deception lures our silken figure into a kiss that not only brings out her smiles but also brings her to her knees with despair. It is not until her spirit lands in the outskirts of her being that she steps out of the narrow confines of her mind and sees soul-stirring enlightenment in a tin can moment.

The Pink Forest is a book that will seat you on the edge of possibility. You have not come upon its pages by accident. Its pages have willed you here, for in them you will move your thinking. Set down in the text, "felt emotion" will trigger within you an enlivened state of feeling, where you will step between the border of reader and text and glimpse yourself in affection, see your sensibility as a thinker and get caught up in the history of your enthusiasm. Are you stepping into heavyweight literature you may ask? No. You are merely stepping out of the margins of your life.

Experiencing The Pink Forest is living a moment of profound transition. Through ongoing dialogue, alternative ways of relating to things emerges. Meaning unfolds in distinctions when the language of infinite possibilities is spoken. Transcendent moments exist outside our routine, everyday.

The Pink Forest is flying silk and a canvas of lace. It is a magic gleam and a twinkling eye. It is playful glances, soft pecks upon the lips, and swirls of eye-catching smiles. It is endless stretches of bed ruffles and flowing satin sheets strewn across a candle-lit floor. It is thick pillows, the coolness of moonlight, and giggle-strewn chatter in the mist of rose-silk petals.

But more than anything, The Pink Forest is about one woman wishing upon life for the courage to feel her enchanted self. Caught in gusts of emotion, her small draped figure lands on the tree of possibility where she becomes an amorous creature.

Glistening with intimate confessions, she blushes the earth and wanders into The Pink Forest.

Back Cover Details There is power in human experience...

In the netted light, a face very recognizable stares out at me. I do my best to look casual. I gaze at her chiseled outline. Her high cheekbones are distinctly familiar. As the figure slowly disappears her delicate shadings pause in a pinkish glow. “You can be absolutely infuriating at times. I cannot take the subject seriously.” She half-smiles and then vanishes in the curls of her breaths.

A woman tries to teach her conscience about love.

The Pink Forest is her story.

This biography is about a woman who wants to throw a pillow at her conscience for trying to run her life. Set in the vividness of a kiss this courageous feminine read goes far beyond bug-jewel sandals and striped pumps and applauds an ordinary woman in her super-hero moments. For every woman who has ever wanted to stop her life and let her conscience hop out at the curb, you will welcome the power you gain in The Pink Forest.

Dorfman writes about the hunted soul—the part of us that we travel through from a distance, the part of us that cannot slip away untold. There are few authors that can catch the soul of a story like Dorfman. Her charm lies not just in her artistry but in the way she leads your presence onto the written page. Her interpretation of meaning is powerful. If you would like the author to unpack the pages of your life, visit her at SoulBiographer.com, DanaDorfman.com, The Lollipop Chronicle, The Here And There Gazette and ConscienceLand.com

There is a new look coming up for women, it is called Femaleosophy- "a woman's affair with wisdom," and it can be glimpsed in The Pink Forest. It is all about a woman, "her affair" and her power.


From the author to the character of the book An open letter . . .

To Jenna Weyburn,

On a beach stuffed with terry-cloth towels, a folded piece of paper seemed to play in the sand. Instantly fascinated, I chased after it toward a pile of gold seaweed etching the shore. The sand was cool to my touch as I hallowed away the mist taunting the dunes. And then, silhouetted against the silver fog, I saw it! Your pages glittered like mirrored starlight! I could not leave them untouched. I dug my bare feet into the sand and wondered if you felt discovered. How long had you been leaping out of the way of the surf? How long had you sunk into the mist? Vanishing in the fog, I read your intimate confessions. Each page wore the pale gleams of my smile. The mystery is over. I am the one who found your pages. I am the one who published your intimate confessions. I don’t know if wrinkles are etched across your face now or if you are still blushing a world full of scowling stones. But know your spirit landed in a tin-can moment and you glistened, unimaginably.

—Dana Dorfman

Other Info There is power in human experience…

In the netted light, a face very recognizable stares out at me. I do my best to look casual. I gaze at her chiseled outline. Her high cheekbones are distinctly familiar. As the figure slowly disappears, her eyes suffuse with a varying glow. I have come to rid you of your finite way of thinking. I share your purpose. She half-smiles and then vanishes in the crease of her cheek.

We are not world’s apart from our spirit

1983, my first encounter

The pink forest is more than a bundle of ferns.

Smile… your spirit is watching.

A woman watches the wind pass into her hands.

The pink forest is her story.

Review by Carol Connors- Two-time Oscar-nominated songwriter from the the film Rocky "The Pink Forest...is a KNOCKOUT!"
Review by Bee Beyer - Editor, The Hollywood Times "Dorfman delivers enlightenment in a book that is life-changing."
Review by Tony Campo Editor, Celebrity Society Magazine "Insight into a woman who slips out of her conscience and into something more comfortable— her life!"


Review by Danne Montague-King, Internationally known Aesthetic Scientist and consumers advocate journalist "A painting by Rubens, in words; any man reading this book will find himself floundering helplessly in the most secret corridors of a woman's mind. Any woman reading it will find her true self in those same corridors. A riveting read!"--
Review by Author World The distance between a woman and her conscience is revealed in The Pink Forest. Through an enchanting group of human characters Dana Dorfman has created a practical feeling story of pure enlightenment. The conversations that are upheld in these pages cannot help but bring readers into the reality of their own existence, their own emotions, their own thoughts. Learning about love presents something new in these pages-its presents the gleam of over the shoulder smiles and winks that give life the fiery sunsets that make us feel alive! A book for women and men who value their feelings and respect the emotional oasis of others.
Author Contact Information missauthor@danadorfman.com