The Sacrifice

  • Author: Theresa Grant

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 1499672403

  • Genre: Women

  • Pages: 148 pages

  • Publisher: Createspace

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  • Price: $5.38 (paperback) & $3.99 (ebook)


Book Description

Beverly Collier is a woman of wants and needs of her own. For once in her life, she wanted her dreams to come first to be fulfilled without sacrificing for others. A change in her sister's health caused Beverly to open her heart and to make the biggest sacrifice of her life.

Author Info

Theresa Grant is the author of seven books, including "A Faithful Choice." Her books illuminate the themes of faith, hope, women's relationships, marriage, raising children, furthering careers and learning how to survive in a male-dominated world. She and her husband live in Rockville, Maryland. She welcomes readers to visit her at


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