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Lizzie Vishnevsky

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Ms. Vishnevsky cares about issues that affect us all. She writes from the heart and hopes to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing her experiences and thoughts about life. The Power To Be was 'born' through a desire to reach out to others and let them know they're never alone. I reveal truths in my book that have never been shared with anyone. It's through being truthful that we set ourselves free and can accomplish our wildest dreams and desires! I spent a large part of my life depressed and feeling hopeless, but never again! Read The Power To Be and find out why!

Some of the topics discussed include: children, school violence, stress, divorce, violence, peaceful solutions, my own past experiences in school and beyond, loss, grief, being victimized, bullying, empowering yourself, and more. It's dedicated to my dear mom, who passed away unexpectedly last summer.

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The Power To Be is about empowering ourselves. Everything we experience, everyone we meet, all our pains and hurts - happen for a reason. Heed the lesson, heal the heart. You have the power to overcome and empower yourself. You just have to believe in one person ... You! Topics include protecting our children, bullying and being bullied, violence in society, loss, grief, divorce, and more.

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I'm working on a fiction book! E-mail me to find out how your thoughts could be included in this powerful book.

Review by Ian Spindley, Reporter, Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald News "Having read many famous self-help and personal development books, such as Feel the Fear. . . Men Are From Mars. . . and The Seven Habits. . . etc, and attended two Life Training weekends founded by K.Bradford Brown of the Kairos Foundation, in the last 20 years of my own discovery, I know good material when I see or hear it.

'The Power To Be' obviously comes straight from the heart - far more direct, candid and grass-roots than many of its more famous written counterparts. This may well appeal to a wider working-class audience in the UK, Europe, American and Australia. Its style is more blue-collar 'Bruce Springsteen' than middle-class melody-crooner.

Everyday experiences described, reactions noticed, and then more appropriate, powerful responses made by Lizzie to empower herself and others, through her positive example, during her life journey, have all the more impact because of their ordinariness.

As psychologist, theologian and philosopher K.Bradford Brown famously said 'There's no such thing as extraordinary people, just ordinary people who do things extraordinarily well.'

I particularly like the simple but inspirational slogans like 'Attitude is everything' and 'If you can feel you can heal', the little ryhmes and ditties dotted throughout the text, and the offer at the end to share your motivational stories with Lizzie that could produce a sequel.

But, to be honest, I found some messages repeated a touch too often in slightly different contexts, and the chapter headings rather random to a particular set of thoughts. Also, there were a few distracting spelling and grammatical errors that active professional editing - without altering the story - would have improved.

All in all though, a cracking contribution to creating a happier you - and a better world for everyone!"