The Whittaker Family Reunion


Shirley A. Roe

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ISBN 978-1-906806-51-4
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Book Info In depth historical research makes this novel an education as well as a very entertaining read. With characters so real they feel like family, readers won't be able to put this book down. The Whittaker Family Reunion is the sequel to Of Dreams and Nightmares but stands alone for new readers. As with the first book in the series, this one leaves us wanting more. Emotion filled, heartfelt, with both suspense and romance, Shirley Roe has given fans another five star novel! We were introduced to the Whittaker family in Of Dreams and Nightmares. The Whittaker Family Reunion takes readers back to 1881 and the family is reunited once again. Martha and Jeremy await the arrival of their two sons, Abraham from Mississippi and Ezekiel, from England. The third son Isaac lives near St. Louis and is anxious to see his brothers again. Daughter Anna is spoiled and nothing but trouble. Abraham arrives with a woman, much to the family's surprise. Ezekiel makes a narrow escape in England. Will the reunion be a happy one? Who will leave St. Louis in disgrace? Will Martha get to spend time with her entire family before tragedy strikes? The reunion is shadowed by another man, one seeking revenge; will he get what he wants? Will he kill one or all of them?
Genre Historical Fiction
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The Story The Whittaker Family Reunion takes readers back to 1881 and the family is reuniting once again. The in depth historical research circa 1881 makes this book an educational read as well as an enjoyable one.

Martha Whittaker is turning forty and looking forward to a family reunion. Her years of terror with her first husband, Jebediah, have long since been buried in the back of her mind. Her three stepsons, Isaac, Abraham and Ezekiel, have also blocked the painful memories of their abusive father. Even Jeremy, Martha’s second husband and Jebediah’s older brother, has worked hard to create a happy family and help remove the horrors of his brother from everyone’s mind. The past is in the past and Jebediah has long been dead and buried in some far-away prairie town. At least everyone thought so until a man looking very much like Jebediah starts to haunt the Whittaker family, threatening the happy gathering of Martha’s three stepsons and her very troublesome daughter, Anna. Will Isaac’s wife bear the brunt of his guilt and suffer from this man’s abuse? Will Ezekiel suddenly turn abusive like his father? Will Abraham’s dreams of his father’s return actually come true? And then there is the most troubling question that plays on Martha’s mind. Do any of the children bear the evil gene that fed Jebediah’s madness, the same gene of insanity that placed their grandmother in an asylum long before they were born?

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Review by Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Allbooks Reviews. Shirley A. Roe has once again woven a fascinating plot of mystery and intrigue with a touch of romance set in nineteenth century America. She leads us very quickly into the lives of each member of the Whittaker family, revealing their talents, their strengths and their weaknesses as they come together again, reluctantly reminiscing the horrors of their past. The family that we grew to love in Roe’s first novel about Martha Whittaker, Of Dreams and Nightmares, catches our hearts and compassion yet again as the author expands her compelling tale of love and hate, good and evil. She tells a passionate tale of a family that bands together as one strong, unified force confronting their foe head-on in an attempt to avert yet another tragedy.

Roe’s talent at bringing history to life is evident in her second novel about the Whittaker family. The Whittaker Family Reunion is highly recommended by Allbooks reviewer

Review by Lisa Haselton The Whittaker's are having a family reunion in 1881 St. Louis. Can their present celebration outshine the dark family history?

Martha and Jeremy's teenage daughter, Anna, is quite a different challenge from raising three boys. The excitement about Isaac, Abraham, and Zeke coming home after several years is a welcomed distraction, but ignoring issues doesn't make them go away. Changes abound as Abraham befriends and brings young orphaned Billy into the family and Zeke's respite from England allows him to escape some attention while recapturing the eye of a love from his past.

Roe's appreciation for history is prevalent in her writing. She subtly weaves in the details of travel, expresses the challenges men and women faced at that time, and captures the overall feeling of entrepreneurship and pride as towns burgeoned across the nation.

Shirley A. Roe is the Managing Editor and founder of Allbooks Review. Her previous historical fiction includes, Of Dreams and Nightmares and A Call to Faith and Freedom. Shirley writes a syndicated column for California Chronicles and articles for several webzines and websites. She is a regular reviewer for Foreword Magazine, Midwest Reviews, Mystique Books, Poetic Voices and several other review publications and sites.

The Whittaker Family Reunion picks up about twenty years after the family's introduction in Of Dreams and Nightmares. The story naturally flows as the new generation's stories are shared. The Whittaker Family Reunion is a recommended read for any family member. Look for the next in the series, Back to Whittakerville, soon.

Review by Dan Whitman, Allbooks Review The Whittaker Family Reunion is filled with loveable characters that seem more like family than characters in a book. The story is filled with heartfelt emotion, suspense and romance. The indepth research makes the novel an education as well as an entertaining read. A highly recommended read written by a great story teller. 
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