Of Dreams and Nightmares


Shirley A. Roe

About the Author Author, Shirley A. Roe spends time between Ontario, Canada and north Florida. A freelance writer and Managing Editor of Allbooks Reviews, her diverse writing skills have been rewarded with several awards for both poetry and business articles. Her business expertise stems from her career in the business administration/ accounting business that she has owned and operated for several years in Ontario, Canada. Shirley’s poetry is available in six volume Chap books. Of Dreams and Nightmares is her first novel. Shirley says that writing is her passion and Martha McGuire is just the first of many intriguing characters that we will be introduced to over the next few years. Two more novels have been published since this one, A Call to Faith and Freedom and The Whittaker Family Reunion.
ISBN 1-4127-4337-4
Publisher Publish America


Book Info Of Dreams and Nightmares is a historical romance taking the reader on a journey from the English aristocracy to the trials and tribulations of pioneer life. An English immigrant family, travels by ship to the Americas. There they board a wagon train heading west in search of a new life. But this family is not what it seems and there are many hidden secrets. Martha McGuire’s arranged marriage to Jebediah Whittaker turns her life into her worst nightmare. Her deceitful, abusive husband Jebediah seems in a great hurry to leave England. Calamity follows, leaving her alone with a devil of a man and his three sons in a vast wilderness of Wyoming. Meanwhile back in England, Martha’s father hires two men to search for his daughter. What awaits these two would-be heroes in the rugged west? Finally Martha’s destiny leads her to Victorian St. Louis.
Genre Historical Romance/Fiction
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Number of Pages 255
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The Story The Whittaker Family Reunion takes readers back to 1881 and the family is reuniting once again. The in depth historical research circa 1881 makes this book an educational read as well as an enjoyable one.


Review by Mary Jesse, author From page one the book carries the reader back in time to England and America in the 1800s for a consistently interesting and entertaining tale filled with contrasting emotions of love and hatred, fear and courage, and hope and despair. Many historical details of life in the 1800s are articulated throughout the story, which add depth and dimension like blended spices in a gourmet meal. Although there are several diverse settings and many key characters, they are all artfully developed and portrayed with much ease. Author Shirley A. Roe has clearly demonstrated her immense talent for storytelling with her most recent novel, “Of Dreams and Nightmares.”
Review by Maria Romero

The author’s research of the period shines through with captivating three-dimensional characters readers will easily relate to. Overall, the feel of this romantic tale is of epic proportions, moving at a fast, intriguing pace, that will keep readers glued to each page, lusting for more, even after they reach the end!

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