A Call To Faith And Freedom


Shirley A. Roe

About the Author Author, Shirley A. Roe spends time between Ontario, Canada and north Florida. A freelance writer and Managing Editor of Allbooks Reviews, her diverse writing skills have been rewarded with several awards for both poetry and business articles. Her business expertise stems from her career in the business administration/ accounting business that she has owned and operated for several years in Ontario, Canada. Shirley’s poetry is available in six volume Chap books. Of Dreams and Nightmares is her first novel. Shirley says that writing is her passion and Martha McGuire is just the first of many intriguing characters that we will be introduced to over the next few years. Her other novels include, Of Dreams And Nightmares and and The Whittaker Family Reunion.
ISBN 0-9749634-4-5
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Book Info Anyone interested in matters Celtic should read this book, for while it combines romance and high adventure, it is wonderfully informative about the customs and mores of the Celts, and one comes away from the book feeling that not only has one just read a rattling good story but also that one has benefited from a most interestingly presented history lesson. Shirley A. Roe has a detailed knowledge of the intricacies of Celtic life, philosophy and religious practices, and sets the love interest in the context of a carefully observed portrait of sixth-century Scotland, when the native Celts were fighting to retain their land for their goddess, and the Druid priests and priestesses were ranged against the Christian invaders. Indeed, Shirley Roe graphically, and sympathetically, depicts a people under attack battling to retain their way of life.

She paints a sharply executed picture of a feudal society in which the Lord and Lady provide shelter and a livelihood to those in their domain and expect total loyalty in return; when loyalty wavers, vengeance is quick and unequivocal. Life was simple and harsh, colored black and white rather than gray. Yet, if there was savagery – with treachery being met with bloody reprisal – there was also tenderness, and the author brings alive four joyous love stories, and indeed the book ends with a spectacular scene of the recently united Archdruid and High Priestess standing together amidst the heather-clad Scottish mountains, exultantly worshiping the rising sun.

Genre Historical
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The Story If you love “Braveheart,” you are going to become a fan of Shirley A. Roe. History woven into a spellbinding tale of castles, knights, druids, and love, by a master storyteller who is quickly gaining international acclaim.
Review by Robina Williams, Coventry, United Kingdom, author of Jerome and the Seraph and Angelos This book offers the reader an exciting tale full of suspense and variety. Shirley A. Roe is a skillful storyteller who keeps the reader hooked from the first page to the last; and moreover, in addition to being a novelist, she is also a poet, and woven into her narrative are small, dramatic poems that fit beautifully with the sense of Celtic spirituality and other-worldliness that pervades her book. It is a fascinating book, with a powerful storyline, strongly drawn characters and vivid descriptions of the locations in which the action is set. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 5 out of 5 on this one.
Review by Elaine Fuhr, Alberta, Canada. At a time when there appears to be a renewal of spiritualism in modern society, Shirley Roe’s novel A Call to Faith and Freedom supports the knowledge that spiritualism and mysticism are indeed centuries old. This novel is not only entertaining but also educational, as she shares her extensive knowledge of Celtic faith with her readers in this exciting and action filled story of two Scottish Celtic clans
Review by Shawn Patrick Thornton, California, U.S.A., author of In Defense of the Christ: Why Jesus would Disown Christianity A Call to Faith and Freedom, by master storyteller and poet Shirley Roe, is one of the very rare books that can be referred to as a “world-class novel.” The story takes place in sixth-century feudal Scotland. Invading Christians, using savage and barbaric torture and executions, try to force the conversion of the native Celts whom these Christians consider as Pagans. And, the Celts fight to retain their land, their way of life and their religion, which is centered on a Goddess. Throughout the book, rich in Celtic lore, Shirley Roe demonstrates a detailed knowledge of Celtic mores, customs, philosophy and religious practices. One of the qualities that make this book a “world-class novel” is the ability of its author to hold the reader totally spellbound from the first to the very last page. She writes from a deep personal spirituality, a tender compassion, a profound understanding of human nature, and with a poetic grace. I was unable to put the book down. I hungrily devoured it in just over twenty-four hours.

There were battles between knights on horses, deaths, traitor’s plots, medieval castles, deep dark forests with fairies in them and sunny green meadows with clear streams and wildflowers of every color. There was music and singing, love affairs and feasts with great tables filled with mutton, wild game and tankards of ale. There were even myths about the Arch Druid and High Priestess rising magically, mystically out of the early morning sun. Every conceivable human emotion is explored in an ever-moving action setting. Only an author with the most vivid of imaginations could conceive of such a rich plot! It’s the kind of book that you will want to share with your family and friends. In conclusion, if you liked the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, or The Good Earth by Pearl Buck, you will love this book. It holds you spellbound like the Da Vinci police chase in France and explores every human passion in a simple, lovely pastoral setting; like the old rural China of The Good Earth. This book is destined to be a run away best seller. My advice is to buy it now so that you can immediately enter the magic kingdom of Shirley A. Roe and for 20 or more hours be far from your cares. And, before it is republished as a hardback for $32.50!

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