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AUTHORS:  Advertise your wonderful books here. We provide one full web page for each book and can contain a stunning amount of  author provided information. We accept almost all types of books like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Technical, Textbooks, etc., in the form of Traditional, Self Published, Print On Demand, E-Book, Audio books, CD, and other formats. Click on a book cover to see the book details of our esteemed authors. To get your books displayed here send a query to

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George A Pryor   Theresa Grant   Theresa Grant   Theresa Grant
David Mathews   J. L.Clayton   Sal Corrente   Terry Rizzuti
Cliff Ball   Kazimiera Jean Cottam   Kazimiera Jean Cottam   Kazimiera Jean Cottam
Dr. Adrian Isma   Barbara Bradlyn Morris   Lorraine Kember   Bobbie O'Neil
Rev William Crumley   Michael Hughes   Carla Godfrey   Jerrye Sumrall
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Shirley A Roe   Shirley A Roe   Shirley A Roe    Toula Magi
David J Dundas   Brenda Warneka & Arlene Uslander   Tony Lazzarini   Dana Dorfman
Lizzie Vishnevisky   Rob Ballister   Dawn Beaumont Lane   Judith Anderson
Kazimiera Jean Cottam   Angus Munro   Saul Silas Fathi   Cheryl Bannerman
Ronald Williams Jr   Saul Silas Fathi   DeAngelo Demus   Valerie Biamonte
Mercedes Ludill   Cliff Ball   Linda Mayo   Rebecca Bishop
Dr. Vernon Anley   Dr. Vernon Anley   L.R Erdmann   Theresa Grant

Most of the above books are available in paperback and various eformats