Valdimire and the Viking Curse

David Simpson

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Genre - Fiction, Fantasy

Valdimire and the Viking curse is an intriguing paranormal fantasy where double-headed creatures, a vile, lecherous, lesbian sorceress, evil witches, and mythical monsters lived amongst mortals.
A vampire hero with a destiny so great that he is haunted by his undead uncle and three witches…
He was once a royalty; now, he is a prisoner.
This is a compelling novel set in the Viking era, and it tells the story of a heroic young man whose destiny will take him far away from everything he loved.
Valdimire's fate was decided even before his birth that he would be cruelly separated from those he loved, but he would become a great ruler, and he will restore the lost glory of his Viking ancestors.

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My name is Darwin Beloat. I was born in San Diego California. Forgive me but I except what God gave me. I am a man and I like women. Aways have been a gym rat, I love to exercise. Lifting weights, surfing. running and biking.
I'm a gifted healer and retired chiropractor of 40 yrs. I have frequented toastmasters for twelve years where I worked on my public speaking skills. Most animals like me and I like them, I spend time feeding the turtles in the pond behind my house. I currently reside in Bethesda Maryland.

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