The Bayshore Mysteries

Jerrye Sumrall

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Genre - Children

Intruders on Battleship Island is the first book in Jerrye Sumrall's upcoming series, The Bayshore Mysteries. In the first book, Jeff Douglas and his pals are plunged into a series of scary adventures as they discover the real truth about Battleship Island. An old shack with a secret underground room, hidden treasures, a spooky house, dangerous thieves, and several narrow escapes, reveal the island's secret past, and teach the boys a valuable lesson in friendship, courage and determination. Be sure to watch for the second book in the series, The Secret Graveyard.

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Jerrye Sumrall grew up in a small southern town with lots of freedom to play and explore her surroundings. As with all childhoods, there were ups and downs, but Jerrye feels that these experiences served as a springboard for her writing. In her adult years, her experience as a teacher and counselor further developed the writing framework that later grew into a unique mystery series, The Bayshore Mysteries.

Jerrye currently lives on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay with her husband. She is now a full-time writer, homemaker, amateur photographer and office manager for she and her husband's business, Baldwin & Mobile Termite, Inc. She and her husband have traveled to many places in the United states and abroad. She has given you a glimpse into that part of her life through her personal website where she has combined her love of writing, traveling, and photography. The new profile picture shows Jerrye at the Anne of Green Gables Farm in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Jerrye now has six books in her middle-grade series, The Bayshore Mysteries. This series incorporates mystery, action and adventure, local history and enduring characters that learn lessons in friendship, courage and determination. The first five books reached number 1, 2 and 3 in their category on Amazon's Top 100 Free Downloads.

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