Billy's Jungle Adventure

Bobbie Hart O'Neill

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Genre - Children

Billy's Jungle Adventure is an old-fashioned fairy tale suitable for children of all ages. Billy, jealous of his new baby sister, takes her jungle animal quilt while she is asleep. Henry Hippopotamus, Geraldine Giraffe, Liz Leopard, Lenny Lion, Ella Elephant, Sylvester Snake and Zack Zebra come to life to help Billy rescue his "Baby Sister" in an exciting jungle adventure.

About the Author

A retired print media journalist, Bobbie Hart O’Neill graduated from CSU-Sacramento in 1974 and has racked up 40 years experience in the field.

She has worked as a reporter, feature writer, columnist, public relations writer, magazine/newsletter editor and publisher. Currently residing in Yuma, Arizona, Hart-O’Neill has published two children’s books, written three screenplays and a novel. Her latest children’s book, Billy’s Jungle Adventure is available in print at

She is a regular columnist at Her blogsite, Native Unity, is addressed to the Native American people in an effort to pull the tribes together as a positive force to become more visible to impact the social, economic and political fabric of American society as well as a place for non-natives to better understand the ways of the American Indian.

The octogenarian is interested in civic affairs, local and national politics, current events, ethnology and animals.

Current Projects: In the Name of Honor (In Mystery/Suspense).

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