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Toni Lazzarini

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Genre - War

From emergency resupply missions to heroic medevac extraction’s and deadly combat assaults, Lazzarini participated in over 250 missions as a helicopter door gunner during the Vietnam War. This is an educational as well as harrowing account of how helicopter operations were flown and why. Discover the “A” Company “Little Bears”, one of the most decorated helicopter units of the Vietnam War.

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Born and raised in San Francisco, Tony Lazzarini now resides in Marin County, California. His musical Christmas play, Tale of the Toy Soldier, won him a national play writing contest and has enjoyed eight years of productions. His first book, Never Trust A Man In Curlers, received a 1998 “Best Book of the Year” award from the North American Bookdealers Exchange based in Cottage Grove, Oregon. When not writing, Tony can be found working on one of his several collector cars or riding his motorcycle with his wife Arlene. He has held competition racing licenses with S.C.C.A and I.M.S.A. and currently races in the Vintage Road Racing series with his 1968 “A” Production AMX. In 2003, Highest Traditions received awards for Best Military Non-fiction and Best Memoir.

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