An Unholy Love

Vernon Anley

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'An Unholy Loveí is the Journal of a Benedictine monk written in the last months of his life. Given temporary permission to Ďreturní to the world he leaves the cloistered walls within which he was becoming ever more hermetic. His relationship with a young woman in Paris forces him to reevaluate his ideas on love and death, and reflect on the dogmas and beliefs that informed his life. Beautifully written and insightful, this remarkable book, examines the great things that span our lives, the experiences which we do nothing to arrange but which affect us most deeply.

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Dr. Vernon Anley was educated in Australia and England. After leaving university he worked for the Ministry of Overseas Development in the West Indies before resuming an academic career in Europe and the Far East. In addition to two successful novels, A Carnival of Lies and An Unholy Love, he has co-authored several books on linguistics, written radio scripts and articles describing his travels in the Hejaz and Yemen, and regularly contributed articles to academic journals on linguistics and education.

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     'This beautifully written book takes the reader on a spiritual odyssey that transcends religious speculation in its apprehension of the imperishable power of love. The narrative breaks through the dark side of dying and of death, to realise an end which is both beautiful and spiritual. This book is for anyone who fears the unknown, or is in doubt about their own salvation.' - S. L. McCallum , La Source

    ĎAn Unholy Love is an intimate and wide ranging book that does not shirk to question many of religionís truths, without losing sight of manís ultimate destiny. The great value of this little book is that it leads us to discover something about ourselves, which, had we not turned its pages, might have lain undeveloped and unknown. This is a book which can be read many times over. I could not put it down. - J.L Moore

    This remarkable journal, written by a dying man in the last months of his life, is the record of a crisis of faith which forces him to re-evaluate aspects of Christian dogma and doctrine. The experience of falling in love forces him to set aside earlier perspectives and assumptions, which result in a more profound understanding of the nature of love, life and death. Beautifully written, and deeply moving, An Unholy Love goes beyond conventional boundaries in its attempt to understand man in his wholeness. -O. M. Kortlang.