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Genre - Mystery

Thereís something very wrong in the sheet metal industry. Itís tough enough when steel prices are sky-high and work is being farmed out to other countries, but add a killer to the mix and itís an exceptionally dangerous market to be in.

Amanda Stephens, based in Chicagoís suburbs, creates business plans to help companies in trouble. But when murders start happening and her partner goes missing, a homicide detective takes interest Ė in more ways than one. Soon the murderer is after her. Can Amanda come up with a plan to save herself?

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Born in Illinois, raised in Wisconsin and Arkansas, Valerie Biamonte has a very mid-western view on life as well as the work ethic to go with it. She is an accountant by day and a writer by night...and a dreamer 24/7. She focuses on mysteries, screenplays and children's books and is President and Owner of her own publishing company, The World is Our Oyster Publishing and Screenwriting, Inc. She is married to photographer and Realtor, Joe Biamonte, and has one grown son who lives overseas, both of whom she is very proud of.

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Valerie Biamonte

c/o The World is Our Oyster Publishing and Screenwriting, Inc.

651 South Sutton Road, Ste. 164

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Amanda Stephens creates business plans to help companies in trouble but she is the one in trouble now. Her firm gathers information through interviews and on-site surveillance then suggests new directions for management. But her newest client, Moyer Metals, has a different problem: one of their employees was just murdered on their property. Homicide Detective Lou Mason shows up at Amanda s firm with a warrant for her surveillance footage. He also asks for a date. Amanda and business partner Julio continue their work for Moyer. Reviewing surveillance audio, Amanda overhears a second worker die a terrible death. She calls Lou and their date becomes an investigation. Police arrest a Moyer employee whose brother is a high-powered defense attorney...and Amanda s old flame. He s determined to win his brother s case, and Amanda s heart. But when the suspect makes bail, Julio goes missing, and the killer hunts Amanda can she come up with a plan to save herself?