Author Coaching and Advertising

Benefits of my Author Coaching

My Method: I am an author coach for aspiring writers who need help in self-publishing. I can coach you to self-publish your book worldwide for an affordable one-time fee.

Cost Effective: My prices are extremely reasonable and affordable. We accept credit card (through PayPal) as well as traditional payment methods within India.

Author Rights - You retain all rights, set the book prices, and get all royalties directly into your bank account. With my method there are no commissions, periodic payments, hidden charges, etc.

Will you publish my book for me? - See answer for this in our FAQs.

Book Types: You can publish a fiction or a non-fiction book. Once you learn the ropes from my coaching you can directly self-publish your future books without our help. However, I don't coach books that promote pornography, hate related, racism, and other religiously explosive stuff that could put both of us in trouble.

Benefits of our Advertising

Our Advertisement: Your book will be displayed on our site for an unlimited time for a one-time fee. We also allow free minor updates later. For example, if you get a new  review for your book, want to change the author photo. etc.

Simplicity: Our website is Simple and Uncluttered. We allow authors to have a stunning amount of information about themselves and their books here on a permanent basis. So, it's easy for authors who don't have websites of their own to promote and publicize their books continuously.

Marketing: Once your book is published you can directly contact professional low-cost book marketing sites that can increase exposure for your books -  and These sites provide Email-Facebook-Twitter blast services to a large number of users internationally. The reason for redirecting authors to them is they require authors to directly register on their sites to choose their packages and answer queries they may have.