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Hi Everyone, I review children books. As a retired elementary teacher I have experience in writing curriculum related material such as thematic units. I have published in educational magazines, as well as adult and children's magazines, and have had thirty-plus articles published. I am marketing a young adult historical fiction, Yankee Girl, that was published in 2002.

I also do reviews for a Lamar University at Beaumont, Texas, publication, Review of Texas Books, which is distributed to libraries. My name is included in the bulletin of International Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Publishers send me children's books for review. I continue to serve as a consultant in Houston area schools, teaching teachers to use innovative strategies to teach reading and writing. I have also been an adjunct instructor at the University of Houston at Clear Lake.

The children's librarian at out public library asked me to write short, pithy book reviews to run in our local paper weekly, The Baytown Sun. She recommends recent publications. She thinks parents, teachers, and children need to know about. They have been well received locally. Even adults tell me they are intrigued enough to want to read a children's book.

Contact JoAn Martin, 2407 Kilgore Rd. Baytown, Texas 77520 (281)427-2713,
My Review  for We Share One WorldHoffelt, Jane E. We Share One World. Illustrated by Marty Husted. Bellevue, WA Illumination Arts. 2004. Hardback. 32 pages. $15.95 ISBN 0-9701907-8-6

A young boy sits on a pile of rocks gazing in awe at the beautiful scenery. He realizes as he looks at the backdrop of snow-capped mountains that we share our world. Every animal, woods, snow, rain, wind and waves of the world belong to all of us. Therefore, it behooves us to live in peace. Jane Hoffelt takes the reader to make friends in Tanzania, to admire the camels in Algeria, to play a flute in Peru, to taste the snow in Russia, even to see exotic animals like the Koala bear and kangaroo in Australia. The seasons change as well as the landscape, so well illustrated by Mary Husted. Her love of nature in far-away countries is obvious in her bright attractive watercolors. As sisters the author and illustrator collaborated to produce a picture book that would express our global connections. The endpapers in We Share Our World are based on the Dymaxion Map created by Buckminster Fuller. This unique map reveals our planet as "one big island in one big ocean."


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