Author Coaching and Advertising

FAQs for Coaching

Who are you?

I am an Author and Life Skills Coach. My details are in

Who can avail your coaching?

This coaching is for anyone who wants to write a fiction or a non-fiction book.

Where do you operate from?

I operate from Bangalore but can travel to other cities within India if you can arrange suitable accommodation and two-way travel costs.

Please contact me on or for all queries.

So, how does this coaching work?

I have two workshops - Beginner and Advanced. See brochure for details.


What is the beginner workshop?

This half day workshop will give a complete overview of,

Who is an author, why become an author, and types of authors.


Overcome your fears and confidently start your journey.


The tools and techniques required.


The Doís and Doníts of writing a book.


How the publishing industry works and its various types.


Why self-publish and its advantages.


Where to publish and other doubts.


Answers to Frequently asked Questions.  

What is the cost for this?

Individuals - Prices start at just Rs 2499/- per student. Nominal travel costs extra (if applicable).

Companies - Prices start at Rs 13,999/- for four students with Rs 2999/- for each extra student. Taxes and nominal travel costs extra (if applicable).

What is the advanced workshop?

This is after you write your draft manuscript and will be a personalized hand-holding session for the following,

Creating your publishing accounts on Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, and Google Play.

Populating the above accounts with your author, bank, and tax details to receive royalties directly into your bank.

Formatting your book interiors for Paperback, and other Electronic books like Kindle, Apple, Kobo, etc.

Creating a front cover for your Paperback and Electronic books.

How to upload the interiors and cover pages on Amazon, Kindle, Apple, Google Play, etc.

Input the relevant book details, keywords, pricing, etc., and review the book look and feel online.

Other Doís, Doníts, corrections and answers to Frequently asked Questions.

Finally, submit the books for publishing and see it worldwide.

Where will my books get published?




What is the cost for this?

Individuals - Prices start at just Rs 7999/- per student. Nominal travel costs extra (if applicable).

Companies - Prices start at Rs 24,999/- for four students with Rs 4999/- for each extra student. Taxes and nominal travel costs extra (if applicable).

Will you publish my book and pay me royalties?

No, and there are a couple of reasons why I don't.

First - I am not a publisher. I am just a self-published author trying to make other writers learn how to self-publish their own books

Second - Though technically I can publish your book, the issue is about finance and tax hassles. If I publish your book, then your royalty amounts will first come to my account (minus 30% tax). From that amount I have to pay you by retaining my percentage and also maintain your financial paperwork for royalties. Secondly, me sending money to you involves other banking hassles and commissions. Instead, if you learn to self-publish from my coaching, then you can get your full royalties (from Amazon and others) directly into your bank account without my deductions. Also, you can update and make modifications to the book on your own instead of depending on me.

Will you read and review my manuscript?

No, I am an author coach and not an editor or publisher to accept books for review. Coaches don't do that for valid reasons. First, if they did for one then they may have to do for many others. Second, it's not possible or practical to review all types of manuscripts. Also, it's quite difficult to tell someone that their book or idea is not good from my perspective. Third reason is legal. Authors may get sued for plagiarism as someone, someday may accuse me saying I stole ideas from them for a book that I have written, or may write in the future.

FAQs for Advertising

What will the advertisement consist of?

The advertisement will consist of your book cover, author photo, synopsis, reviews, and other details as outlined below in the advertisement details question.  We offer one FULL WEB PAGE for each advertisement. The text material and author photo will have to be provided by you through email.

Note: We DO NOT advertise books that promote or glamorize pornography, racism, hate related, child abuse, homosexuality, illegal drugs and religiously explosive stuff that could land both of us in trouble.

How long will the advertisement be online?

All advertisements are listed Permanently.  No Recurring fee, No Hidden charges, No Pay-Per-Click and other hassles to keep in online. However, if there is some time bound advertisement it will be removed. But you will have to inform us to remove the advertisement.

What are the advantages of your advertisement?

Please see our unique benefits

How much do you charge for advertising?

We charge a One-Time, Non-Refundable fee of US$9.95 for each Book, Manuscript or Writer advertisement, and US$14.95 for a Business advertisement.  In case we have to collect the book details from various online sources we charge $3 (Three US dollars) extra per book.

Is there any contract to be signed?

There is no contract or agreement to be signed. We just operate on trust. We trust authors and they trust us.

How do we send our advertisement details to you?

Please send the following details in an email to us on In your email write the subject as Advertising for Book-Title to make it easy for us to filter out spam and junk mail. If you are advertising multiple books remember to send separate mails for each book.  


      Author Name

      About the Author

      Cover Image in GIF or JPG format - (If your book is on some website we can grab it from there)

      Author Photo in GIF or JPG format - (If your photo is on some website we can grab from there)

      Book Synopsis

      Author website (if you have one)

      Where to buy


      Number of Pages


      Links to sample chapters

      Your contact details, address,  phone numbers, email ids, etc, if you wish to share

      Any other details you wish to share.

We normally upload the advertisement within ten to twelve business days after you provide all the required details correctly.

I want to advertise multiple but too busy to collect and send details

In such cases we can collect details of your books from various online sources, including your website, and upload the advertisement. Just send us the names of the books, their ISBN numbers and a photo of yours in jpg format. However, there will be a nominal fee of US$3 (Three US Dollars) extra per book for the data collection.

How do we pay you?

A: We have two easy methods of payment as follows.


If you have a PayPal account you can send your payments to the email address PayPal is an easy and highly secure method that allows people in many countries to send money to anyone with an e-mail address. You don't need to reveal your credit card info to the person or company you're sending money to.  PayPal accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

How to Send: Log on to Click on Send Money and follow the easy instructions. Enter as the recipient's email. Also enter other details, including optional details. After you complete the transaction the payment will automatically be credited into our PayPal account, and we will not see your credit card details.

Option-2:  If you don't have PayPal then you can use the traditional bank route. Contact us and we will give the bank details to directly transfer the amount. We operate from Bangalore, India.

It may take a couple of weeks to reach us, but that is okay with us. We can upload the advertisement if you confirm the order and send us the book details through email.

I sent an ad enquiry to your mail id, but never received a reply !!!

A: This is happening mainly to some AOL users. Most of our replies to AOL users are bouncing back for unknown reasons. So we suggest you provide a different Non-AOL email id to reply to.

Why are AOL mails bouncing back?

A: Something to do with the way AOL handles emails. For more information read Why are they bouncing back ?

Will you allow changes and modifications for our advertisements later?

Yes. We do allow reasonable modifications and updates without any extra charges. But, there could be some time delays for making the modifications. However, if there are major changes it will be classified as a new advertisement and full charges are expected.

Do we need to send you a sample copy of the books being advertised?

Not necessary.  But we would love to receive a free autographed copy mailed to the above address if you can spare a copy.

Will I see an increase in book sales after advertising?

Maybe yes, maybe no is the honest answer. It is very difficult to predict the success of a book, even an extremely well written one. Always remember - Writing a book is a passion, Selling it is a business. Do not mix the two. Publishing a book is relatively easy, but making it sell is the hard part. It also depends on the book subject. For example, if you have written a very complex book that only very few people can understand, then you will probably sell only two or three copies in its lifetime. Alternatively, if you write a highly useful book that has wide audience, then you may sell thousands of copies a day. Secondly, less than 2% of the world's population read books as a hobby. As you walk on the streets you see people carrying mobiles, mp3 players, cigarettes, walkmans, etc. But very rarely will you see people carrying or reading a  good book.

So how do I promote my book?

An author has to relentlessly and shamelessly promote his or her book to the intended audience it was written for. Very rarely will a book sell on its own. If you are shy about promoting your book it will die a quick death. However, the more places your book is visible you have more chances of it becoming popular. Authors are recommended to purchase a book called "1001 ways to promote your book" By John Kremer to explore the numerous ways in which they can promote their books.

We also recommend two low cost book marketing sites that can increase exposure for your books - and

Can we put your website details and link on our websites ?

Absolutely. We would appreciate if you mention our website details on your websites.