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A Mother, Domestic Violence Survivor/ Advocate, Business Owner, Author and Motivational Speaker, Raina Knox.

Raina is a native of Dayton, Ohio and she is making her mark as an over comer. Knox is sharing her domestic violence story to help other women move from victims to survivors. Her story is shared on multiple platforms: such as panels, social media, conferences, churches, workshops and domestic violence shelters/events. Knox has been trained and certified specifically in the area of domestic and sexual violence, to empower and counsel victims and survivors through emotional support, safety planning, connecting to community resources and advocacy.

Her strong faith in God is what motivates her to encourage, inspire. love and educate others, to prevent them from enduring the pain and abuse that she went through. But now she is victorious! Read More.

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The main objective of this book is to help those women in abusive relationships that do not know what to do, providing them with a clear path towards a better future. Raina Knox is a survivor of domestic violence, who has written this book to give other women that are in a similar predicament as her the courage to overcome their struggles. She hopes that this book will be able to save the lives of those who are in danger by helping them help themselves.

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To add to her accomplishments, Knox holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from Urbana University. After working over a decade in the Dayton Public School system, she then made a transition into Corporate America and worked for Fortune 500 companies for several years as well. ht 2011, Raina took a leap of faith and became a serial entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Pretty Gee HuStle, LLC, which is an online boutique for women and Boss Chick Credit Repair, where she serves as a credit repair consultant. Raina is a proud single mother of 6. Currently Raina and 5 of her children live in Atlanta, GA, while her oldest is away at college, at Bowling Green University in Bowling. Green, Ohio. In this prosperous season of her life, Raina started an outreach program entitled, #Rainainspires, which is a movement to assist single mothers, especially those in an abusive relationship to leave their abuser, through education, encouragement and positivity. Most recently, she is a published author of a book entitled. Broken 2 Blessed. Also, Raina has been featured in, Courageous Women Magazine as a Domestic Violence Survivor.

Raina is just getting started. Her future plans include opening up a domestic violence resource centre to provide groups to educate., to assist with housing. financial hardships and the mental health/emotional well-being of a victim and their families. It is the primary goal of Raina to continue being a light to those in darkness, while making the name of Jesus famous, being a great mother and fulfilling her destiny by telling her story of navigating from being broken to being blessed.

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