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Hello, Authors. Have you written a book and now struggling to get it published by querying literary agents and publishers who don't respond back? Are you about to fall prey to those expensive vanity presses and their confusing publishing packages? Stop right now and avail my simple publishing service to become a global self-published author in less than two weeks.

My name is Thejendra Sreenivas and I am a Book Publishing Coach. I help writers to become self-publishers. My publishing packages starting at just US$375/-(US/Europe/Other) or INR 15,000/- (India) one-time fee will get your book on three global platforms - Amazon International, Google Play Books, and Non-Amazon (Apple, B&N, Kobo, Flipkart, etc) in both Paperback and all eBook formats. In addition, you will retain 100% ownership of your Account, Content, Copyright, and Royalty. Later, I can also create a cool one-page author website or assist in promoting your book to thousands of readers worldwide.

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Contact me on thejendra@yahoo.com or thejendrabs@gmail.com to start your publishing journey.

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Authors - Life is too short to waste time collecting rejection letters.

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