Assisted Self Publishing

Assisted Self Publishing is a unique method where I will take care of all the complex technicalities of publishing your book globally for a one-time fee. What this means is I will do the MS-Word Manuscript Formatting, Create the Paperback/eBook Interiors and Covers to publishing standards, and guide you to Upload, Configure, and Publish them worldwide on the distribution network below. For new authors learning all these tasks can be overwhelming and confusing. But with my assisted method, you don't have to worry about it.




Platform-1 - Amazon International (12 Countries) - Paperback and Kindle.

Platform-2 - eBook on Apple, Kobo, B&N, Other Retailers, and Libraries.

Platform-3 - Google Play eBooks (60+ Countries) - For Android Tablets/Phones

How it Works?

Author to just provide the FINAL raw manuscript in a single MS-Word or Google Docs file. Initial chapters like Preface, Dedication, Acknowledgements, Foreword, Reviews & Praise, About the Author, etc., must also be in the same file. Then, I will handle all technical aspects like creating the correct sized interiors/covers, format them to book standards, uploading, and publishing everywhere. Your job is only to create your publishing accounts (I will guide how). Once they are created I will guide/publish your book from your* publishing accounts and you will get all royalties directly into your bank account for all sales.

Note – I won’t do any Editing, Proofreading, or Corrections to the contents. Book will be published with the exact text/image content provided by the author. But don't worry. Any text mistakes noticed after publishing can be corrected by uploading revised book files.

Benefits of the Above Method

Affordable One Time Cost

One Publishing Package

No Waiting for Months/Years

No Publishing Contract or Ongoing Payments

Retain 100% Rights over Content, Copyright, and Accounts

Get Notified every time your Book sells

Get 35% to 70% Royalties directly to your Bank

Modify your Book Cover or Interior anytime

You become a Global Self-Publisher

And many more !!!

Budgetary Costs

Short Books

Indian Authors - Rs 20,000/-

International Authors - US$350/-

This cost is for up to 15 chapters of TEXT only content like a short novel and the above cost covers publishing on all three platforms.

Medium Books

Indian Authors - Rs 25,000/-

International Authors - US$450/-

This cost is for up to 30 chapters of TEXT only content like a medium novel and the above cost covers publishing on all three platforms.

Large Books

Indian Authors - Rs 30,000/-

International Authors - US$550/-

This cost is for up to 45 chapters of TEXT only content like a big novel and the above cost covers publishing on all three platforms.

For Indian authors I can help you list on Amazon India and Flipkart also at extra cost of about Rs 2000/-

Note - Complex books with lots of images, photos, and tables will cost extra. Children's books (you need to provide designed pages and cover) and short books will cost less.

Note – Hardback option is at extra cost but this format may not be enabled or possible for all books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paperback Sample

Reflow eBook Sample

Where can I see my books after publishing?

After publishing, your book will be sold on all these platforms and devices like mine

Contact Me

Contact me on or to start your publishing journey. My services are also available on Fiverr.

Note: Check your spam folder if you are awaiting a reply for your comments or queries.

*Why can't you use your Publishing Account?

There are a few reasons why I don't.

First - I am not a commercial publisher. I am just a self-published author coaching other writers to self-publish their own books.

Second - Though technically I can publish your book quickly from my own publishing accounts the problem is about finance and tax hassles. If I publish your book from my accounts, then your royalty amounts will first come to my bank account (minus tax). From that amount I have to pay you by retaining my percentage and also maintain your financial paperwork for royalties. Secondly, sending money to you within India or to other countries involves various banking paperwork, commissions, minimum send limits, and annual tax forms. All these mutual activities are neither practical nor possible in the long run as I am an individual and not a company with finance staff to manage them.

Third - Instead, if I teach/guide you to publish your book from your accounts you will have 100% ownership of your account, content, and also get all royalties (30% to 70%) directly from Amazon, Google, and Non-Amazon into your bank account without my deductions. Isn't that great?

Note - After the publishing is over you can change your publishing account passwords and keep them safely.

My Esteemed Customers

Every author should begin their writing career self-publishing, even if their dream is to be with a large publisher. The key to making it as a writer is to write a lot, write great stories, publish them yourself, spend more time writing, study the industry, act like a pro, network, be nice, invest in yourself and your craft, and be patient - Hugh Howey